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Entry #4


2008-01-20 14:23:04 by ultrakill1991

okay you lot, i'm gonna let you in on part of my plan, mainly to try and stop my Johnny series from being Blammed. the fact is this is just the beginning. you all seem to be against the shortness, but these are merely introductions to Johnnys new 'friends'. the series proper is coming up soon, but i need to introduce you all to the characters. i am still planning the first real episode of Johnny and friends (possible name, not quite sure yet) so you will have to put up with these intro movies while the episode is being planned. don't worry, i started with the boring ones so i had something to work towards, so the next 'Johnny Meets...' should be longer, have more movement and introduces Johnny to the character in a different way... oh yeah, and there are voices in this one - my microphone worked!


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2008-01-21 12:58:10

With the longativity That the speak about is instead of 15sec, make it like a 1minte long.


2008-02-20 04:32:41



2008-03-10 03:07:33

yeah its sounds good